How on Earth Do I Read the Bible on My Phone!?!?

Happy Tuesday! I've been loving doing this series on how to read the bible. I hope it has been blessing ya'll and encouraging you to daily spend time in your Word. If you haven't noticed I am very passionate about getting the Word written deeply on the tablet of your heart. This is your main weapon in battle and if you don't sharpen it before the war you won't be of much use when it comes. So start sharpening that weapon now. This is the last post on tips on how to read the Word and I feel this is the most relevant one in today's culture. It is how to read the Word using apps on your phone. 

Now, this post has been the hardest for me to write out of the series because honestly I hardly ever use my phone to read the Word. To me, there is just something so special about holding the Word, getting to highlight all the verses I love, and write my own notes with my hand. But if you are more of a technology lover than me this is your post! I have found five apps that are amazing for reading and they let you highlight, study, memorize, and write notes right there on your phone. These are great if you are on the go or if you just love to read whenever and where ever. 




Most of you have probably heard of this app, but it's gotten quite a few updates since it first came out years ago. This app gives you a verse of the day and has many devotionals that you can follow along. It also now has a feature where you can add friends and see what they are reading/sharing. Another thing I love about this app is that it has an explore tab where you can see graphics of your favorite verses to save and make your wallpaper (great for memorizing scripture) and if you click on the graphic it has a tab that will take you to all the different versions of this verse (great for studying). This app is just a great general bible app! 


It reads to you!

It has a ton of versions of the bible (for free!!!) so you can truly read the one that makes the most sense to you. 

It has many tools to get into the Word daily.

It is great for studying specific themes of the bible. 


It has so much content that it isn't as user friendly as a few of the other. 

Since you have friends it almost seems like a social platform which I don't love when it comes to my reading. 


Olive Tree Bible.jpg

Olive Tree Bible 

This app has almost a 5 star rating on the app store, so it must be good! I tried to pick only free apps and this one is, but there are some add ons you can choose to buy if you want access to even more tools!  A few things you have the option to buy are commentaries which are great when you want to really dig into the Word. It is well worth your money! I love that on this app it is very intentional about helping you read the bible everyday. When I'm going through a plan I choose to turn on my notifications so that if I forget to read the plan this app will remind me. Olive Tree Bible App has the largest amount of plans of any bible reading app I've seen. If you're willing to spend some money this is the app for you! (I personally think YouVersion is a better free app, but if you are willing to spend some money for the add ons this app is by far the winner.)


The bible studies are full of great content.

It is easy to navigate. 

It proactive at helping you get into your Word daily. 


It says it's free on the app store, but once you get in the things that are free pale in comparison to these other apps. 


She Reads Truth 

She Reads Truth.jpg

 First of all, it's sooo pretty and if you are like me pretty things make you want to read even more. Am I right!? This app has many studies (after all She Reads Truth makes some of the best bible studies I've done!) This app is much more simple than the two above. It will really only be used to read the Word and go through studies which is great for people who have a hard time just sitting and digging in. If you get distracted easily this app is 100% for you because on it there is nothing to get distracted with and it is so user friendly that it won't take long to learn how to navigate the app. 


It's studies are extremely rich in content. 

It has the best lock screens of any app I've seen (again great for memorizing scripture).

It has music you can listen to through the app as you read (but it costs $10... which is a con).

At the top of the app it has a recommended study that you can go through with all the other people who have this app. 


It doesn't have a very large selection of studies 

Most of the studies cost a few dollars 


Scripture Type 

Scripture Typer.jpg

Ya'll this app is so unique... I honestly wish I had thought of this first! Ha! This app is to help you memorize scripture. You can choose from countless topics full of verses to memorize. Say you need verses about promises there are at least 10 verses for you to begin memorizing. Great for breaking strongholds and embracing different seasons in your life. Once you choose the verse you want to memorize you start by typing it. Once you've mastered that you will move on to memorizing it, and then you will "master it". Each step has a different way of memorizing the scripture so you really get it engraved on the tablet of your heart. Again, I wish I had thought of this first and I'd be much richer. Haha! 


It is a unique app that we all need in our lives so we can get the Word engraved on our hearts.

This app makes it like a game, so it actually makes memorizing it fun.


To get the full version of this app with a wider variety of verses you will have to pay $8. 


Blue Letter Bible 


Don't be deceived by this apps appearance it is such an amazing tool to have! I love to use this app for concordances (literal translations for the verse straight from the original language it was written in). It also has tons of great commentary (a greater breakdown of the Word. It really helps with fully understanding the verse or chapter.)  This app isn't very streamline, but sometimes older school is what we need to dig deeper into the Word. I've used this app for years especially during sermon prep. I also love that all the studies it provides are a year long. This will really help you dig into the Word and get a better understanding of the exact meaning of the Word. 


It is great for digging deep into the Word. 

It has several forgotten tools in this generation such as commentary and concordances. 

The plans it provides are great to maintain a longterm daily reading routine. 


It is not streamline. 

It is initially hard to navigate, but gets easier with time. 


I hope these apps really help you dig into the Word whether it be on a plane, on your way to work, as you get ready for the day, or as you lay down getting ready for bed. I suggest downloading all of these and trying them all out for a few days and choosing which ones fit your schedule and learning style best.  I pray these last three posts on how to read the Word really bless you and help you get in the Word daily!