Dear Mommas Who Aren't Mommas Yet

Dear Mommas Who Aren't Mommas Yet, 

I know your heart longs to get that positive pregnancy test. I know your heart longs to be able to finally announce that you are pregnant; that your pregnancy lasted through the first trimester. I know you see other mom's announcing they are pregnant and it stings a bit. I know you see other women popping kids out and you've been trying for years for just one. I know you look at that spare bedroom set aside to be the nursery still empty and your heart aches.

Momma, I can't imagine the pain you felt when you lost your first baby, or your second, or third... Or the pain you feel as you go to the doctor time and time again because though your body works fine you still can't seem to get a positive pregnancy test. I can't imagine the pain you feel each month in anticipation of that missed period to find yourself cramping and signs of a period full speed ahead.

I can't imagine, but I try to. I pray for you daily. I cry for you and with you. My heart mourns with you. I walk by the baby section at Target almost in tears as my heart breaks knowing there are so many who long to hold a baby in their arms but aren't. My heart breaks as I see the abortion rate increasing knowing that you would do anything to even have a baby growing inside you. 

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry you know a pain I've never felt. I'm sorry that many brush off your miscarriage or your infertility and say that God's timing is perfect or that it was His will. Let me speak to some lies real quick...

1. God never brings death; He only brings life. ("The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10) 

2. Your miscarriage isn't due to sin in your life. Your infertility isn't either. 

3. He is contending for you as we speak ("Jesus... is at the right hand of the Father interceding for us." Romans 8:34)

4. Every single tear you've cried over your babies is caught in a jar and not a single is forgotten. The Lord sees your pain. ("You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book." Psalm 56:8)

You may be thinking... "Brooke, you're sweet, but you have no idea. How can you speak to me about this when you've never been through it?" I asked a similar question to the Lord one day as I was praying for women who either have lost a baby or can't seem to get pregnant. He said, "The reason your heart breaks for this is because My heart breaks for this." 


You see the Father hasn't laid this on my heart to feel sorry for you or try to make you think I understand your pain or to preach about "just having faith in God". The Lord has laid this on my heart because it is on His. His heart breaks for you. He longs for you to hold a baby in your arms. A baby you made. A baby that you carried. He longs for you to see that positive pregnancy test and be able to carry that baby full term. 

I want you to know momma that I am praying for you daily. I'm crying out to the Father to bring healing to your womb and peace to your heart. I'm weeping when you weep. I'm mourning when you mourn. I'm thinking of you constantly and praying for you often. I'm contending for you when you feel too weak to even pray one more time for the same thing. I'm asking and I refuse to quit asking for you. I'm knocking on the heart of the Father and I'm refusing to cease knocking for you. I'm holding you up as you feel like you can't stand. I'm here to stand behind you and whisper the truths of the Father louder than the lies of the enemy. I'm here for you and I'm not going anywhere. 

If you will let me I would like to pray over you right here where ever you are.

Father I just thank you for this beautiful momma. I pray that you will bring complete healing and restoration to her body. Father, I speak her body into alignment with your Word that says that "by your stripes she is healed". Let her womb be opened right now in Jesus name. Father I pray for her heart. That every part that is raw and hurting will be covered in your healing oil. Soothe the pain of seeing others be able to bear a child and turn it into complete joy. I pray the years of bitterness from negative pregnancy tests and doctor results will be turned to peace. Jesus I pray that right now you will visit her and whisper your sweet encouragements to her. Speak to her Holy Spirit and allow her to write your promises deep upon her heart. Let her stand firm in knowing that what you say is yes and amen and when the enemy comes trying to speak lies, let her cling to your promises. Surround her with people who will surround her in love and encouragement. Father I pray that when she does get pregnant that she will be able to carry her baby full term and deliver a healthy, perfect baby. I pray for no complications in Jesus name. No more babies that she can only meet in heaven. Father thank you that you love to heal. Thank you that she is going to be a walking testimony of your goodness and an encouragement to many others who are dealing with infertility or have had miscarriages. Thank you that though you didn't cause her baby(ies) to die, you are still using it for your good and your glory. You are so good Father and we thank you for your overwhelming peace in this season. We love you. Amen.