What is Whole30?


If you follow me on social media you know that I am on my second round of Whole30. I've had so many people ask me for tips and recipes so I decided to make a blog post so I can direct anyone who is looking into starting Whole30 to one place! Today I'm going to just give some info about what Whole30 entails, my favorite meals and snacks along with a timeline of what to expect, and a few tips I've learned. 


What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a short-term nutrition reset. On Whole30 you take all grains, dairy, sugars and legumes out of your diet for 30 days. Many times these foods cause your energy levels to decrease and even in moderation they can cause you to have trouble losing weight. Whole30 is also known to help with conditions like skin issues, digestive ailments, seasonal allergies or fertility issues. I started Whole30 because I knew I needed to kick my addiction to "bad" foods. I wanted to lose weight and I knew I needed a complete restart that would cause me to have to be disciplined. I also have some gastro issues, so I wanted to see if this really would help. 

*** Now Whole30 is not solely a weight loss program, so I encourage you to not weigh yourself the entire 30 days so you can focus more on the changes you see in your body (looser fitting clothes, more energy, less cravings, better health, etc...) 


What can I eat??

I know this seems impossible. I remember reading the guidelines on Whole30's website and was overwhelmed by all I thought I couldn't eat (pizza, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, pasta, lattes...) But once I began doing my research and looking for recipes (pinterest became my best friend!) I realized there was a TON I could eat. Here are a few of my favorites so far! 


Banana Pancakes

Burrito Bowl

Sweet Potato Chili

Turkey Bolognese Sauce with Zucchini Noodles

Chunky Vegetable Soup

Those are just a few that I've had on repeat since starting, but if you go to this site it has 18 other recipes for you to try that are Whole30 approved! But don't underestimate the power of some good ol' chicken or fish and veggies for dinner. Another great option is burgers with a lettuce bun and some sweet potato fries! 

Juice Bar.jpg


Larabars (the Apple Pie is my absolute favorite!) 

Chomp Beef Jerky (Great to chow down on when you're hungry in between meals. It really fills you up!)

Pressed Juices (My favorite is the Happy Healer)

There are too many snacks at Trader Joe's to name, so here is the list (You're welcome. Haha!) 

*** Remember these are snacks not meal replacements. Please, please, please don't ever skip a meal or replace a meal with a 'snack'. On Whole30 you need more calories then normal because the calories you are eating are not sticking around creating fat so they're getting burned easier. You're body needs the extra calories!


Food Hacks: 

Franks Red Hot Sauce (I love to put my chicken in the crockpot with this, some chicken broth and whatever seasoning I feel like and leave it on high for 2.5 hours. The chicken is so soft and spicy!)

Nutpods (If you have to have creamer in your coffee this is a must purchase! Now I've never tried these because I love my coffee black, but I hear these are amazing, and they have pumpkin spice!) 

Almond Butter (any will do as long as there is no added sugars)

La Croix (If you're addicted to soda this will really help curb that craving while on Whole30!)

***Now, if you have any questions while you're shopping if something you see is Whole30 Aprroved check out this list of ingredients that are okay to have while doing Whole30.


What About Date Night??

The one thing I love about living in Dallas is having so many options for healthy eating. Here are a few restaurant options in DFW that you CAN eat at and what to ask for! 

HG Sply Co.: When I went I told the waiter I was on Whole30 and he knew exactly what I could and couldn't have! (Praise the Lord!) I got the curry with chicken. It was so amazing!! But luckily pretty much their whole menu can be made Whole30 Compliant by just taking out a few items. (Also remember what oils you can and cannot have your foods cooked in!) 

Flower Child: Most of their salads are Whole30 compliant (again just read the ingredients), but make sure to swap out the vinaigrette for Flower Child’s sugar- and dairy-free lemon avocado dressing. It was sooo good and incredibly filling. 

Unleavened Fresh Kitchen: I've never actually eaten here, but I hear it is amazing and that if you are on Whole30 you should get a bed of greens and dressing on the side to keep things clean. 

Snappy Salads: This is great because you can build your own salad, so you know exactly what is in it and that everything is approved! 

Chipotle: This has been a life saver. There is one right by my work and if I happen to not have my lunch prepped I just stop on by and order a salad with no dressing with carnitas, hot or medium salsa (no corn salsa), pico, and guac. (Sorry, but these are the only things allowed from there if you are on Whole30)


Should I Work Out?


If you don't work out on a regular basis I do not recommend you working out when starting Whole30. My first round I only worked out three times the entire 30 days because before starting I did not work out regularly. I knew if I completely changed my diet (without knowing how it would effect me) and also added working out into the mix I probably wouldn't be able to keep up both. So I just started out with putting all my focus on following Whole30 and once I got that down, I threw in a bit of exercise. Now, if you are used to working out keep it up! Just make sure to be taking in quite a bit of calories. I know we have been taught to watch our calories, but like I said above, because you are eating so clean your body is blowing through calories so you need to make sure your body is getting replenished. Here is the forum I read on this. This forum will answer pretty much any question you have. It has helped me a ton! 


A Few More Tips:

What to expect: If you are wondering what to expect here is a timeline for Whole30. For me I didn't experience all of these and there were some things I did experience that weren't listed (that's for a post coming up in two weeks), but this is a great outline of what to expect. 

Get Accountability: My first time I made sure to tell everyone that I was doing this because that holds me more accountable. Maybe try to find someone to go through Whole30 with you. The more people who know you are doing this the less likely you will be to quit! 

Meal Prep: Meal prepping has been the key to my success. Every weekend I plan out my whole weeks worth of meals and prep them because I know if I don't I will get desperate and cheat. Honestly if you meal prep Whole30 is a breeze! 

***I hope this has helped you better understand Whole30 and if you are planning on starting it soon I hope it helps you stay on course and finish strong! 

P.S. Shoutout to Michayla Bjorklund for helping me find like half these hacks and snacks! You're the real MVP!