How On Earth Do I Read The Bible!?!?

Hi guys! Happy October! Every Tuesday this month I am going to be posting on how to read the bible and pray. I know these seem like super basic things to be discussing, but I'm daily learning new ways to read the word and pray. And as believers it is crucial that we are in our Word and communing with the Father daily. So today I'm going to go over the basics on how I read the Word. It's different in different seasons. Some seasons I dig in and read big chunks at a time and then in others I read a verse at a time and spend the day dissecting and marinating on it.

Reading the Word is vital in your relationship with Jesus because the Word is truth. It combats the lies of the enemy in your life and it is a solid place to plant your feet. Once you know the truths of the Word you are able to combat the lies and attacks of the enemy because your Sword is sharp and ready. 

So before we learn how to read the Word we need to make sure you have a version of the bible you can understand. There are many different versions of the bible and none are better or more spiritual than another. You need to do a bit of research and decide which version you will be able to understand best. I recommend going to YouVersion (a bible app) and searching a verse you know pretty well (John 3:26 is a good one). It will give you an option in the top to change the version. Once you've compared these choose the one that made the most sense to you. I currently read from ESV, but my husband is a die hard NKJV fan. Neither is better, but some are more accurate according the the original text. For more information on bible versions go here

Once you know what version you want to use you can decide how you want to begin reading the Word. Here are some ways I have learned to read my Word. (These obviously aren't the only ways to read the Word they are just the ones I've found that work for me!) 

Three Chapters a Day and Five on Sunday

The founder of my bible college swore by this. If you follow this plan you will be able to read the whole bible in a year. I know looking at the size of the bible and thinking you have to read all of it can be intimiating, but breaking it down into small reads each day is an easy way to accomplish it. It's also great to read small portions because then you can go slowly and process it more.

Five Pslams and One Proverb a Day

This is the plan I am following right now and I love it. The Psalms are always great to read when you are in a hard season because it reminds you daily of who God truly is and how you can cling to Him. If you follow this plan you will read through all of Psalms and Proverbs in 30 days.

Five Chapters a Day

For a season when I first got saved I would read five chapters a day. I started in Matthew and just read through the whole New Testiment. This is a great way to get into reading the Word. I recommend if you are a new Christian to start in the New Testiment becuase it is easier to understand and apply to your life. (I'm not saying to forget the Old Testament... read the next one for that.)

Listen to Ten Chapters a Day

I read through the bible this way the summer before I went to college. I had a lot of spare time so I'd go sit by the lake and turn on my bible app and have it read the new testament to me as I read along in my actual bible. Hearing the Word while seeing it really helped me digest it. Listening to the Word on your bible app is also great to do on your commute to and from work!

Read One Chapter A Day

This is great way to get the Word written deep within the tablet of your heart. I did this a lot with the smaller books of the bible in the New Testament. I would read it through the first time in my head. I'd read it through the second time out loud and then the last time I'd read it in my head again and highlight and write notes or revelations the Lord gave me.

Read One Verse and Disect It

Find one verse that sticks out to you. I will start off the first day by reading it seven times and writing it out seven times. Statistics say it take your mind hearing/seeing something seven times before it has it memorized, so this is a great way to get this Word in your heart. Then I will pull up Strongs Concordance and will find out what each word in the verse means in it's orginal text. This is one of my favorite things to do because it gives you such a greater revelation and meaning for that verse.

I hope these plans helped you. Don't worry about how much you are reading each day or if you can't finish all you have had planned. What truly matters is that you are setting aside time each day to read the Word. I pray that as you begin to dig into your Word that Holy Spirit will take away all distractions and that God would give you a fresh revelation of His Word!