Get to Know Me

 When I was four I was obsessed with The Big Comfy Couch. I woke up on my fourth birthday to a Loonette the Clown doll on my fireplace. I was so ecstatic that I screamed, of course, but then I squeezed her so tight her head almost popped off.  I'm that ecstatic to have my very own blog! If I could I would hug this little blog until my laptop screen almost pops off. (I didn't mention the screaming because I may have already done that with my hubby. Sorry babe!)  

I want this blog to be a source for you to come and be encouraged. I want this to become a community where lovers of Jesus can be emboldened and sharpened. Community starts with relationship, so I want to give you all a chance to get to know me. Today I'm going to post 22 facts about myself! 

1.  My favorite number is 22, hence why I chose to do 22 facts about myself. 

2. I have been married to my best friend for 2 years! 

3. I have the cutest puppy in the entire world. He's a Border Collie named Finn and he is literally Nate and I's child. 

4. I have two jobs. I am a full time property manager and I work part time at my church as the Assimilations Pastor. 

5. I went to bible college and graduated with a Bachelors in Ministry in 2014. 

6. I was a competitive dancer for 12 years. 

7. I was a dance teacher for 2 years. 

8. I LOVE coffee. So if you ever want to chat over coffee I'm so down! 

9. I'm extremely introverted. 

10. I am terrified of heights, but I love to do ropes courses and go cliff jumping... I know, I think it's odd too. 

11. When I was 13 I broke three bones in my ankle playing soccer with a basketball. 

12. My nickname growing up was Graceful... we now all know why... 

13. I am happiest when it is raining, mostly because it gives me an excuse to be a homebody. Ha! 

14. I love to plan! No, like I love to plan... I currently have 5 planners. A personal one for work. One for meal prep.  Another I use for my personal social life. A different one I use for church events and meetings, and the last is for my blog and household cleaning. 

15. I love to watch Hallmark movies. I could watch one everyday and never get tired of them. They just make my heart so happy. (If you aren't a fan, please never tell me. I don't enjoy a broken heart.) 

16. I love to sing. So much that when I was 9 I begged for a karaoke machine and got Kelly Clarkson's winning song on American Idol and practiced daily so I could try out for American Idol when I was 16.  I may have never tried out, but I definitely hosted some rockin' concerts in my room. 

17. I hate when my feet touch other peoples feet, even if it is my husbands... again, sorry babe! 

18. I got saved at my high school when I was 16.

19. I love home decor. I'm always thinking of how to make my apartment feel more like home. 

20. I found out one of my best friends was pregnant because she tried on my apple watch and I saw her heart rate was really high. Crazy huh!? 

21. My husband and I helped plant the church we are currently on staff at. If you ever get the chance to plant a church do it!! 

22. I got engaged on Christmas Eve and it was a dream!