My Cleaning Schedule

You may be thinking, "Why on earth is a faith blogger posting about how she cleans!?" Well let me tell you why. God is a God of order. He isn't messy. He isn't chaotic. He is peaceful. He is efficient. He does everything with excellence and I believe as reflections of Him here on earth we should be as well. So at least once a month I'm going to post about a routine or a way to organize to make your life more streamline allowing you to focus your time and energy on more important things. 

"But all things should be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40

Some of you may dread words like planning or routine (my husband is the first to raise his hand at that statement), and trust me I get it. I dread words like creativity and spontaneity, but guess what, God moves both creatively and spontaneously and I have to daily choose to break my fleshly mold of rigid order and allow God to make me look more like Him. (I think that's why He had me marry one of the most creative, spontaneous men I know.) So if you aren't a planner or hate routines, that's okay! Let me help you get organized and you can help me stir up my creative juices and be spontaneous. I'll go first! 

Here is what a normal cleaning week in the Hernandez house looks like. Each morning I spend about 15 minutes cleaning and each evening I spend about 10 minutes picking up. Let me just preface with the fact that I am not a mom yet, but I do work a full time and part time job and I'm still able to maintain this cleaning routine. I know being a mom makes it hard to maintain routines, but you can rearrange some of the items to better fit your schedule or call in reinforcements as needed. If you're married remember you are a team. If you can't complete somethings ask your spouse to help, after all they do also live in that house as well! Haha! 

Monday (Bedrooms)

  1. Change sheets
  2. Wipe down and dust furniture
  3. Quick vacuum (I use this to deoderize my carpet)

Laundry: Sheets

(Here is the laundry detergent and fabric softener I use)

Tuesday (Bathroom)

  1. Clean shower and toilet (I use this to deep clean my shower and toilet)
  2. Clean counters and mirrors
  3. Change towels

Laundry: Towels and rags

Wednesday (Kitchen)

  1. Check fridge for expired food and toss them
  2. Clean counters and appliances (I use these to clean all my counter tops)
  3. Make sure pantry is organized
  4. Quick vacuum

Laundry: Lights

Thursday (Living and dining)

  1. Dust/wipe down furniture
  2. Freshen fabrics and room (This is my fabric freshener. Works miracles! And this is my room spray. It makes the whole house smell so fresh and clean!)

Quick vacuum

Laundry: Darks

Friday (Fundamentals)

  1. Vacuum, mop and sweep all floors
  2. Clean mirrors and windows (I just use Windex)

Saturday (Deep Clean One Thing)

  1. Week One (Dust all fans, window sills, and base boards)
  2. Week Two (Scrub down tubs)
  3. Week Three (Vacuum behind and under furniture)
  4. Week Four (Clean out oven, microwave, and fridge)

Everynight Before Bed

  1. Put all dishes in dishwasher (Here are my dishwasher detergent. We have a terrible dishwasher and these make our dishes squeaky clean!)
  2. Wipe down kitchen counter tops (they get so gross after cooking)
  3. Pick up Living room

This may seem extremely time consuming, but once you add it into your morning routine it really only takes 15 minutes, if that! This routine works great for my husband and I because we have people over to our apartment A LOT, so we never have to stress if someone decides to stop by without warning because our apartment is always clean. Let me know if you try this and how it works for you! 

*None of the cleaning products I tagged are all natural, but Target is great about having all natural alternatives such as their Method brand, Seventh-Generation, Meyer's, and Green Works. I also know someone who sells Young Living and I can point you in her direction if you'd like!