What's Up With That Name??

You may have seen my last blog post and wondered why on earth I would have named my blog Tossing Pearls. When I say it out loud sometimes it reminds me of tiny baby-child Brooke playing dress up in Grandma's jewelry box and breaking her beautiful pearl necklace. But despite the reality of that last comment it is not the reason I named my blog Tossing Pearls. 

When I decided to start my blog I knew finding the perfect name would be the most important factor. After all this is how others will recognize my blog. The name will bring the brand and I needed to make sure it fit what I wanted to convey to my readers. I thought of many names such as Babbling Brooke (a self-explanatory childhood nickname), Repertoires, Words of Grace... but when I would sit down to purchase the domain for them it just didn't feel right. Those names are catchy and roll off the tongue nicely, but that's all they were. They didn't represent what I wanted my brand here to be. I am not going to be just babbling about anything. I'm not going to only talk about what I'm good at, and not all my words will be covered in grace. They may be messy and rough around the edges, but they will be real and raw. 

So as I sat at my desk at work thinking about what my blog name should be I was reminded of a season where the Lord was showing me so much of who He truly was and how He saw me. I wanted to tell everyone because I thought it was so good! But I was hurt by many who didn't have the time or energy to listen to every pearl of wisdom the Lord gave me. I would tell many of what the Lord had shown me and they took each pearl I threw at them in enthusiasm and let it fall to the ground. This hurt because those pearls were precious to me. As I sat and prayed about how hurt I was, I heard the Lord speak to my heart and He said, "Stop casting your pearls to swine." I am by no means calling those people pigs!! I honestly think I was just in that season where the Lord wanted me to keep His revelations embedded deep upon my heart. So I began to journal. If I wanted to go babbling to someone about what the Lord had just revealed to me I would instead get out my journal and write it down. This grew in me a love for writing. This grew a knowledge in me for when to speak and when to stay silent and how to hide those truths in my heart. 

You see in Matthew 7:6 when the Lord says, "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet..." He is speaking about giving Godly wisdom to people who aren't going to receive it. As Jesus brought me back to this verse at work a few weeks ago I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do. I am finally in a season where I want to toss my pearls of wisdom from the Lord to anyone and everyone who will receive them. I have had years of growing in my knowledge of the Lord. I've had years of pressing in. I've had years of refinement. I've had years of falling and failing, and I've had years of learning from that. I've had years of correction and loving kindness from the Lord. I've had years of writing His revelations in my journal and I finally feel it's time to write them for anyone to see. It is no longer a season for me to keep them to myself. I long to build a community of encouragement and allow you all to learn from my trials and errors, my wins and my losses, my victories and my failures. I want to open a place where we can grow together in our knowledge and wisdom of who God truly is in every season. I want to toss you all some pearls. Who's ready to catch them?? (and hopefully toss a few back at me.)