My September Favorites

I hope you all have had an amazing month. I cannot believe September is almost over... Like where has the time gone?? I'm going to need it to slow down so I can fully enjoy my favorite season! I'm also going to need Texas to get the memo that is no longer time for 90 degree temps... 

Well at the end of each month I'm going to tell you my favorite things from that month from beauty to home decor to food to bible study tools. So today I will start with some things I've been loving in the month of September. 

Favorite Song

I have known about "You satisfy" by Elyssa Smith at Upper Room for about a year, but it has turned into my anthem in this season. It has reminded me that in Jesus I truly have all I need and I have no reason to worry or be stressed. Every time I listen to it I pray that this will be the true cry of my heart. (While you're at it do yourself a favor and listen to the whole Upper Room album)

Favorite Verse

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." -Isaiah 55:9 This month I have had to trust the Lord more than I can ever imagine having to. As I was sitting in my car praying (and throwing an adult tantrum) the Lord reminded me of this verse. I have been meditating on it everyday and allowing myself to truly believe that His ways are better than mine!

Favorite Candle

This has been my favorite candle for several years and as soon as September 1st comes I am burning that baby! I'm an avid candle burner. Even if no one is coming over I love having candles lit, especially in the fall and winter. I think it's because it tricks me into believing it's actually fall-like weather out, since Dallas only has two seasons summer and ice... and all my Dallas friends say, "Amen!"

Favorite Pair of jeans

Who else loves a good pair of jeans? When you put them on your instantly feel like a rockstar! Well I found those jeans which is super hard with my body type. I have hips that are ready to birth a 15 pound baby but a waist the size of an 11 year old. The Lord took some extra time designing that... Ha! Anyways, here are the jeans. Side note, I follow a lot of bloggers who are a size zero and these are also their favorite jeans, so TopShop just did something right!

Favorite Book

I love, love, love to read! I try to read at least one book a month, but one book I always go back to is Redeeming Love. If you haven't read this book you have to! I read it for the first time when I was a Senior in high school and hated reading, but I picked up this book and read it in 3 days because I couldn't put it down! So, if you hate reading give this book a try it will change that I promise!

Now these are just a few of my favorite things (cue The Sound of Music classic). To say thank you for reading all the way through and following my blog as I start it up I want to give away a few of my favorite things. If you don't follow me on Instagram make sure to hit that follow button because I am going to make a post about the giveaway tomorrow! (Go to Tossing Pearls home page and scroll all the way down and you will see the section for my instagram!)

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