Dear Forgotten One

To the one who has prayed and fasted for that one thing only to see everyone around you getting exactly what you've prayed for. That's so hard, and if we're honest it feels incredibly unfair when you open your social media and see someone getting engaged and all you've been praying for is a spouse; or when you've been praying for a baby and you see yet another pregnancy announcement; or when you see that couple who is five years younger than you buying a home; or seeing that person get the promotion that you've worked your tail off for; or when you've fasted and prayed for your healing and then see someone get theirs in a split second during Sunday morning service. It's hard and if we're honest, it's discouraging. 

Dear forgotten one, I know you want to throw in the towel. I know you want to say, "Forget it. I'm done trying." Because let's face it that is so much easier than continuing to press on and not see your prayers and desires fulfilled, allowing another blow to your already fragile heart. I know your heart is hurting so much. I know you feel like the step child who gets second best. I know you feel invisible, like all your hard work is worth nothing.

But dear forgotten heart I want to remind you that you are seen. God sees you. He sees your broken, hurting, rejected heart. He sees every time you've fasted. He's seen every time you've gone above and beyond while no one was looking. He's also seen you lay on your bed late at night as you cry out to Him in agonizing pain, only half believing He hears you because you've prayed this prayer 736 times and what is different about this 737th time? He sees your pain, forgotten one, and He hurts when you hurt as you see everyone getting what you so deeply long for. 

David said it best in Psalm 42...

"O God my rock," I cry, 
"Why have you forgotten me?" 
Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God! 
I will praise Him again- 
My Savior and my God!" 
-Psalm 42:9&11 

Dear forgotten heart, I want to encourage you, as painful as it may be, to put your hope back in God. I know it's hard. It's hard to put your hope back in the One you feel has overlooked you. I know the last thing your defeated heart wants to do is praise God, but step back for a second. Take your eyes off of what you so deeply want. Now, for the next minute think about or write down all the other things that God hasn't overlooked in your life. 

Look at that list. Look at all you have to be thankful for. Sweet forgotten one, look at all those times you weren't forgotten. Look at all those times your weren't passed over by God. 

Dear forgotten one, you are anything but forgotten. Yes, maybe you have yet to get what you so deeply want, but think of all the other believers in the bible who didn't get what they wanted or felt called to right away. (Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Joseph... and that is just in the first book of the bible!) Better yet, try and name one person in the bible who got what they felt called to right away? I can't think of one... I'm sure all these people felt forgotten at one point or another, but in reality God was waiting for the prefect time to give them their blessing. He's doing the same for you. He's pruning you. He's growing character in you. He's strengthening you. He's creating a humble heart in you. He's producing perseverance in you. 

Oh, forgotten one, God is positioning you for your blessing. He's creating in you a heart that can handle what you've so deeply longed for. And just think of the joy you will feel when you finally receive what you've wanted for so long. You're time is coming because He hasn't forgotten you. He remembers you. So return to your first Love with your tattered, discouraged heart in hand, and place it in the hands of your caring Father. Now just sit at His feet and worship Him because He sees you. He only has eyes for you, forgotten one. Rest in Him today because you are not forgotten, you are the Remembered one.