Fear Crushing Friday

I'm convinced that in this world everyone either deals with two core issues. Fear or Pride. I'm not saying you can't deal with both, but you have a lean towards one or the other. For me it's fear. If you've read my blog from the beginning you know I talk a lot about how I deal with anxiety. Anxiety is a result of fear. Fear of the future and fear of the right now, but the more that I realize I deal with fear the more I see how funny it truly is. 

God is love. Fact. True Love casts out all fear. Also fact. So why do I fear so often?? Why do I allow it to rule me? If I have God who casts out all fear living inside me, why do I allow fear to stop me from my callings? Why do I let fear win instead of love? If you ask yourself these questions too I have a challenge for you, but before I get to the challenge here is where the idea began... 

A few Sunday's ago I was in my church's service and during the ministry time I heard the Lord speak loud and clear to my heart. He said, "You are My courageous one." He kept saying this sentence over and over again allowing it to wash over me. Allowing it to sink into the deep rooted fears and going into every hidden crevices of my heart that I'd allowed my fear to hide, thinking that if no light shone on it I wouldn't have to face it. As God spoke this truth over me the lies that I've believed that I'm not brave enough or spontaneous enough or courageous enough to do things so deeply rooted in me washed away as my identity covered my fearful, war torn heart. I am His courageous one. I heard it and I began to believe it. I left that service with my head held high. 

The very next day I woke up with chest puffed. "I am His courageous one" I kept telling myself. My fear was at bay and my confidence was soaring. Around 10am I got an email from my boss saying they got a chicken and are getting TWO MORE and that I'll need to me tending to them everyday from here on out. You may be reading this and thinking, "Oh how cute..." But I was thinking, "Oh Jesus, I have to be in a coop with A BIRD..." If you can't tell from that statement, I'm terrified of birds. I know it's a silly thing to be scared of but the fact that an animal I cannot control can fly at my face sends chills up my spine and my anxiety soaring. Ironic how one moment can change what soars in your life... one moment it's confidence, the next fear.

Fear is funny though. Many times when we are forced to face our fears we look back and say, "Well that wasn't so bad. Why was I scared of that?" I can't think of a single fear that I've faced that afterwards left me saying, "Oh that was just as horrible as I thought. This fear is valid." I've learned in my years of fear that one of the best ways to overcome a fear is to face that fear head on. 

So from here on out I'm making it a point to face a fear of mine every Friday. I am going to call it Fear Crushing Friday. (Catchy, I know.) I can't wait to crush my fears as I hold my Father's hand. I know He is with me always, but now I'm putting that trust into action. In crushing my fears I'm choosing to trust that He's got me. That He will protect me. That He will not leave me to face my fears alone. That He's with me casting out my fears with His love as I face them head on. 

If your lean is also fear, I encourage you to join me in this challenge because despite what your fears say, you are His courageous one. 


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Brooke Hernandez